Module rama::proxy

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Upstream proxy types and utilities.

See the ProxyFilter for more information on how to select a proxy, and the ProxyDB trait for how to implement a proxy database.

If you wish to support proxy filters directly from the username, you can use the ProxyFilterUsernameParser to extract the proxy filter so it will be added to the Context’s Extensions.

The ProxyDB is used by Connection Pools to connect via a proxy, in case a ProxyFilter is present in the Context’s Extensions.

§DB Live Reloads

ProxyDB implementations like the MemoryProxyDB feel static in nature, and they are. The goal is really to load it once and read it often as fast as possible.

In fact, given that we access everything through shared references, there is also no cheap way to mutate it all the time.

As such the normal way to update data such as your proxy list is by performing a rolling update of your actual rama-driven proxy workloads.

That said. By using crates such as left-right you can relatively affordable perform live reloads by having the writer on its own tokio task and wrap the reader in a ProxyDB implementation. This way you can live reload based upon a signal, or more realistically, every x minutes.





  • The trait to implement to provide a proxy database to other facilities, such as connection pools, to provide a proxy based on the given RequestContext and ProxyFilter.