🔎 MITM proxies

artistical representation of rama MITM proxy as llama snooping into cargo packages
A Man-In-The-Middle proxy (MITM) is a proxy which sits in between the client and the server. That by itself is nothing special and is in fact what all proxies do. What defines this kind of proxy is that it actively interprets the application layer packets. It might also modify the packets as they pass, but more often then not inspecting and tracking is all it does.

There are currently no examples found in the /examples dir on how to create such a proxy using rama. If you are interested in contributing this you can create an issue at https://github.com/plabayo/rama/issues and we'll help you to get this shipped.


%3clientclientproxy (rama)proxy (rama)client->proxy (rama)server Aserver Aproxy (rama)->server Aupstream proxyupstream proxyproxy (rama)->upstream proxyserver Bserver Bupstream proxy->server B

A MITM proxy is typically setup as an HTTP Proxy, but in case you want it can be setup as a SOCKS5 proxy instead.