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Plabayo was co-founded in 2021 by Elizabeth C. Gonzales Belsuzarri and Glen Henri J. De Cauwsemaecker to develop free and open source software, next to providing consultancy and educational services.

Rama has its roots in R&D of proxy technology, and active development on Rama started at the beginning of 2022.

Next to becoming a code contributor and/or code user you can also choose to financially sponsor Plabayo which allows us to continue to develop it as free and open source technology, licensed permissively.

Financial contributors help in compensate for the many unpaid developer hours we put in a project such as rama, but we also have plenty of costs, such as services ranging from hosting to Docker, but also tooling for developers and automated processing. All these costs money.

💎 | Financial Contributions

You can become a regular financial contributor to Rama by paying for a monthly subscription at polar.sh/plabayo. In case you want a specific github issue to be resolved or like you can also fund issues via that platform. One time contributions are possible as well and greatly appreciated.

💡 Business subscriptions are available at polar.sh/plabayo for businesses, enterprises and individuals who can afford it 🙏. These subscriptions keep the development of Rama and other projects sustainable and unlocks support for you and your team in the integration and usage of Rama.

👉 For even more custom integrations or features you can always get in touch by sending an email to glen@plabayo.tech.

Alternatively you can also become a (monthly subscriber) sponsor or pay a one-time donation via Github Sponsors. For one-time donations you are also free to use "Buy me a Coffee" or "Paypal Donations" in case you are more at ease with any of these.

Sponsors help us continue to maintain and improve rama, as well as other Free and Open Source (FOSS) technology. It also helps us to create educational content such as https://github.com/plabayo/learn-rust-101, and other open source libraries such as https://github.com/plabayo/tokio-graceful and https://venndb.rs.

Finally, you can also support us by shopping Plabayo <3 ラマ merchandise 🛍️ at https://plabayo.threadless.com/.

Plabayo's Store With Rama Merchandise

Rama Sponsors

We would like to extend our thanks to the following sponsors for funding Rama (ラマ) development. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, you can do so by becoming a sponsor. One time payments are accepted at GitHub as well as at "Buy me a Coffee".

One-time and monthly financial contributions are also possible via Paypal, should you feel more at ease with that at "Paypal Donations".

If you wish to financially support us through other means you can best start a conversation with us by sending an email to glen@plabayo.tech.

Premium Partners

Rama (ラマ) is bundled with Http/Tls emulation data, gathered for all major platforms and browsers using real devices by BrowserStack. It does this automatically every day by using our public Fingerprinting service which is hosted together with a database on fly.io.

We are grateful to both sponsors for sponsering us these valuable cloud resources. Thank you!

Professional Services

🤝 Enterprise support, software customisations, integrations, professional support, consultancy and training are available upon request by sending an email to glen@plabayo.tech. Or get an entireprise subscription at polar.sh/plabayo.

These type of contracts are another way for you to be able to support the project and at the same time get serviced for your own needs and purposes.